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What is an introductory agency?

As an introductory agency we will interview any potential carers and carry out any relevant checks such as DBS, right to work in the UK and professional references. We also ensure they have completed any training that is required and that this is kept up to date. The carers then work on a self-employed basis and handle all their own tax. As an introductory agency we do not direct the care, giving the client the freedom to direct care as they wish.

What needs to be provided for the live in carer?

A live in carer would need to have their own bedroom with space to store their belongings. The carers would also need to be provided with food, often they will eat the same food as the client cooking a little extra and join them at mealtimes, unless the client prefers to eat alone.

How long do live in carers stay?

Live in carers can stay anywhere from 4 days to 8 weeks at a time, or sometimes longer, depending on the situation. This is to provide as much continuity to the client as possible as we understand that change overs can be stressful.

What visiting care options do you provide?

We are able to provide visiting care services to our clients in London. This is anywhere from 1 hour to 12 hours a day or night cover.

Do you cover nights?

Our London visiting carers are also able to provide night care. We offer two different types of night care, both 12 hours long. If the client is up most of the night a carer can do a full awake night for the 12 hours or if they are only needed a couple of times during the night they we also offer a sleeper duty. During a sleeper duty the carer would need to be provided with a bedroom to sleep in and can be called by the client up to 3 times during the night.

Will my live-in carer get up over night?

Live-in carers are in the house overnight should there be an emergency. Occasionally when someone is unwell they may need extra attention at night. The live in carers are happy to help in these situations but may request some extra time off during the day to get some sleep.

If the client gets up regularly overnight then extra night care may need to be organised as a live-in carer will not be able to sustain the level of care required if they are not getting enough sleep.

Do the carers drive?

Many of our carers hold a drivers licence and would be able to drive the clients’ car if appropriate car insurance is arranged. Our carers do not have their own cars.

Can I contact you out of office hours?

We operate a 24 hour on call service. If there is an emergency outside of our regular office hours (9am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday) then you can call the office number and you will be provided with a mobile number. This will be answered by one of office team who will be happy to help in any way they can.


What locations do you cover?


Our carers are happy to travel anywhere in the UK. Depending on their visa status many of them are also happy to travel outside of the UK to accompany clients on trips if this is needed.

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