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To help you decide whether Patricia White’s is the agency for you, we have put together a list of frequently asked questions.

How do I become a carer with Patricia White’s?

As our carers work independently within a client’s own home it is essential that we complete a robust selection process.

This includes a face-to-face interview, Induction process, reference checks and a DBS and or PVG (Criminal records checks).

To be shortlisted for interview you will need to meet the following criteria in full:

  • Proof of eligibility to work in the UK

  • Agreement to complete the relevant DBS/PVG checks

  • A minimum of 6 months’ experience in a regulated care environment

  • Two professional references, one must be from your current or previous employer

  • Evidence of professional development including any training certificates.


What assignments are available?

Visiting care assignments are in London. Visiting care offers support with care or errands to clients as and when they need it. You will be expected to have good availability. Minimum duty is a 2-hour period. We can be flexible, however what you agree needs to be consistent week on week, or we cannot promise to place you in an assignment.

Live-in care assignments can be nationwide, but our clients predominantly live in London and South East England. You will live in the client’s home and be on hand to help provide care, cook for them and undertake household tasks. Assignments are typically 8-12 weeks’ long.

Waking night duty - the carer is on call at all times during the night and is awake, alert and making certain the client is sleeping, resting or at least safe, sound and secure.

Sleeper duty - The carer is on hand in the client’s home, for them to call as they need. A bed is requested for the carer, but you have peace of mind that there is someone on hand if required.

What are the pay rates?

From 10th August 2020:

  • Visiting care (2-hour standard charge) - a minimum of £38 per assignment + £15.80 per additional hour

  • Night duty – £163

  • Sleeper duty - £100

  • Short-term live-in care (less than 2 weeks in duration) - £112 per day

  • Longer-term live-in care (greater than 2 weeks in duration) - £107 -143 per day.

For visiting care, the rates increase by £2 per hour at weekends.

You can also claim travel expenses and will get accommodation and food paid for by the clients.

For live-in care assignments, bank holidays are charged double time. For visiting care assignments, bank holidays are charged at one and a half times the total rate, with extra fees charged over the Christmas period and over the New Year.

What else is paid for?


Travel allowance – this should always be agreed in advance of the assignment. You can charge for travel on arrival and departure.

  • For live-in care assignments, this will be a maximum equivalent of a second-class train ticket from London (or their starting location if closer) to the destination; and will be added to the client’s invoice.

  • For visiting care assignments, there will be a set fee of £4 per visit to cover for travel expenses.

Client meals – carers are there to prepare meals for the Client(s) they are looking after; should additional family members, or guests, wish to have food prepared then this needs to be agreed in advance.

Work & rest time – though live-in care is unmeasured work, daily average hours should be a maximum of 10 hours care, plus a 2-hour break at a time suitable to the Client. Should care be required during this period additional support should be arranged.

Wake fee – if you are woken during the night by the client, you can charge a “waking fee”. This charge is set at £11 for a single call and raises to a maximum of £22 should several calls occur. Multiple awakenings need to be reported to the office.

The carer is responsible for invoicing clients directly each week for any expenses.

Who can apply?


If you meet the following criteria, we would love to hear from you:

  • Do you have the right to work in the UK?

  • Do you have at least 6 months’ experience and possess up to date training certificates or be willing to pay for training?

  • Are you well-spoken, and fluent in written and spoken English?

  • Are you willing to work 2-12 weeks at a time?

  • Are you organised, with effective communication and reporting skills?

  • Are you honest, kind, respectful, gentle in nature and above all, always prepared to go the extra mile for clients?

  • Are you happy to provide care for clients, including those with dementia?

  • Have you got sufficient stamina and are you happy working in isolation?

  • Are you physically fit and able to cope with demanding daily routines and household tasks?

  • Do you possess good cooking skills and have experience running and maintaining a home?

  • Can you carry you carry out other household duties such as opening cans and unscrewing bottle tops?

  • Do you like animals and are you happy to in a house with pets? is desirable but not compulsory.

  • Do you hold a valid a driving license? This is desirable but not compulsory.

Only those with a British/EU Passport or a British Ancestry Visa may apply to become a carer. Patricia White’s cannot sponsor applicants or assist those needing to obtain a work visa.

Do I need experience?


Yes – you need to have a minimum of 6 months’ experience in a regulated care environment and evidence of professional development including any training certificates.

Most of our assignments will involve working with clients with Dementia or early onset Dementia, so you will need to be comfortable supporting them.

Do you sponsor carers from overseas?


No – we are unable to sponsor applicants or assist those needed to obtain a work visa. Only those with a British/EU Passport or a British Ancestry Visa may apply to become a carer with Patricia White’s.

Can I apply if I am living overseas?


Yes, providing that you have the following:

  • Proof of your right to work in the UK

  • A police check from home

  • A transferable DBS (if you don’t have one we can help you get one)

  • A current CV or completed application form

  • Any relevant training certificates

  • Contact details of three professional references.

Assignments are typically 2-12 weeks long in duration.

How long is a typical assignment?


Live-in assignments are typically 2-12 weeks long in duration.

What documents will I need to register?


Once interviewed and offered to become compliant you need to provide:

  • Proof of your right to work in the UK

  • A local police-check from home if you have lived outside the UK within the last 12 months which needs to be dated within the last 3 months)

  • A transferable DBS certificate

  • Training certificates

  • Proof of address, i.e. a utility bill

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