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Apply for a live-in or visiting (London only) care career at one of the country’s leading home healthcare agencies.  

Many of Patricia White’s self-employed care workers come from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Hand-picked for their experience, gentle nature and understanding, they join a team of caring individuals who are always prepared to go the extra mile for their clients, because at Patricia White's nothing is too much trouble.

Carer Pay Rates - as of 1st April 2019

  • Visiting Care (2-hour standard charge) - a minimum of £36 per assignment£15 per additional hour
  • Night Duty - Up to £155
  • Short-term Live-in Care - Up to £107 per day
  • Longer-term Live-in Care - Up to £130.80 per day
  • Additional increases for couples, more complex care and bank holidays

Waking fee

Should occasional care be required in the night, during a live-in care assignment, then a ‘waking fee’ can be charged. We recommend that this should cover a period of 8 hours, such as 11pm – 7am (however, flexibility should be shown for early or late risers). This charge is set at £11 for a single call and raises to a maximum of £22 should a number of calls occur. We are mindful of the impact that a waking service will have on our Carers’ daytime support. Therefore, should multiple waking episodes occur, we recommend additional time off during the day, or an additional night Carer. Any instance of waking, whether or not a fee is incurred, should be reported to us – so we can maintain update assignment records and discuss ongoing care requirements.

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Bank holidays – during bank holidays, Carer fees are two times the standard rate. Extra fees will be charged over the Christmas and New Year period too.
Client meals – Carers are there to prepare meals for the Client(s) they are looking after; should additional family members, or guests, wish to have food prepared then this needs to be agreed in advance.
Work & rest time – though live-in care is unmeasured work, daily average hours should be a maximum of 10 hours care, plus a 2 hour break at a time suitable to the Client. Should care be required during this period additional support should be arranged.
Visiting travel allowance – this should always be agreed in advance of the assignment. The Carer will charge a set fee of £4 per visit to cover their travel expenses; this will be added to their invoice.
Live-in travel allowance – this should always be agreed in advance of the assignment. The Carer will charge for travel on their arrival and departure; this will be a maximum equivalent of a second class train ticket from London (or their starting location if closer) to the destination; and will be added to their invoice. Billing expenses – please present an invoice for all expenses incurred.

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