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Amazing client and carer feedback


Finding the right provider of home care can be daunting. We have years of experience, and are continuously reviewing, then adjusting our service to make sure we are getting it right.

In March 2020, our clients surveyed rated our care services 9.56/10, highlighting communication, companionship and social support as highlights. Our support services were rated 10/10, across all aspects: friendliness & professionalism, scheduling support, billing & invoicing, and complaint handling.


For those of a technical nature we track our NPS (net promoter score) an industry standard benchmarking score. In March 2020, our carers scored us 61 and our client score was 56. These are some of the highest scores across any business, in any industry, worldwide!


Here is just a small sample of our feedback:


I write to endorse Avril for her continuing support and unwavering loyalty to the carers of Patricia White’s … Not only does she boost morale and exercise compassion and humanity but her organisation skills are flawless. She is so personable and enshrines the rights of both the carers and clients with finesse whilst maintaining the dignity of both with constant and unquestionable integrity. I cannot think of anyone more personable or devoted to their job. She has been starlike at all times, a genuine rock at all times. I’d also like to thank you for your beautiful letters of encouragement to us all. They really boost our morale and embody what this industry is about. In short, I’m extremely proud to be a part of this agency as a veteran who knew Patricia White herself.

Georgia - carer, 2020

Gemma, thank you for your support, you are always cheery and helpful!

Elise - carer, 2020


Please tell John Cahill CEO that the emails he’s been sending have really been appreciated, I think in my time working for you it’s the first time it’s been done. Hope you and family are keeping safe Lou, Big hug from Sue. 

Sue - carer, 2020


I would like to thank ALL the carers who helped mum, without you she could not have stayed  in her own home which meant so much to her.

Chris - client, 2020

[our PW carer] has become more of a friend than a carer. She is always punctual, cheerful and able to use her own initiative. The [information provided] on her cooking skills not do her justice! Nothing is too much trouble for her.

Anonymous - client, 2020


My client is so grateful and so are her family members. We laugh about the challenging times and compare how much easier it is now compared to WWII. We are well aware that these times will pass and they will become memories we will never forget.

Marion C. – carer, 2020

We had a carer with us for 14 months and all has worked very well, we are very happy.

Anonymous - client, 2020



Here is just a small sample from our 2020 carer satisfaction survey feedback.


About the Agency


“I prefer working for Patricia White's.”

“Patricia White's has always been very kind to me, very professional and helpful and it's so appreciated, especially in stressful situations put upon a carer by others.”

“Carers are treated with respect and as humans with feelings and that we have lives outside caring as well.”

“I like Patricia White's best.”

“I would not change anything.  Many thanks for your support and for the opportunity to work in wonderful places for lovely people.”



About the office support team


“Avril and Gemma [our office team] are always there to support us at a moment’s notice in the most professional and caring way.”

“Avril and Gemma have provided excellent and generally accurate descriptions of conditions of placements. Their moral support is invaluable.”

“Excellent always helpful and have great knowledge of the industry.”

“I find the support team approachable and helpful. I always give off my best, and look for happy solutions with my clients and I feel that Patricia White's appreciates this.”

“Avril and Gemma have been constant and professional in all their dealings with me. Tremendous and quick support, with admirable people skills.”

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