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Many of Patricia White’s existing care workers come from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, and looking to work in the UK for a couple of months at a time, before travelling or going back home afterwards.

Our live-in carers can earn between £107 - £143 per day, meaning you can earn over £6,000 in a typical 8-week assignment, even more when caring for a couple.

Working as a self-employed carer in the UK is a great way to earn money as your accommodation and food is free when in an assignment, so you can save your wages for afterwards.

Our clients have varying degrees of dependency and medical needs. At this time, we cannot offer companionship only roles, so you will need to have at least 6 months’ experience and the relevant training certificates. If you do not have training certificates, or your training certificates have expired, we offer a full training programme for an additional fee.

Alongside servicing a client’s care needs, you will be responsible for ensuring the they feel safe, secure and happy at home. Part of this will involve preparing a client’s favourite, nutritious meal or carrying out household tasks around the home.

Before we can accept you and register you with our agency, we will need to see:

  • Proof of your right to work in the UK

  • A transferable DBS (if you don’t have one we can help you get one)

  • A current CV or completed application form

  • Any relevant training certificates

  • Contact details of three professional references

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