Benefits of using live-in care

Making choices about the care of a loved one is often fraught with emotion and conflicting information. Finding clear guidance on what is practical for everyone involved is invaluable but it’s also important to address your feelings as well. Ideally, you want a long-term solution that will support your loved one as well as the management of your day-to-day life.

Getting a live in carer can help overcome some of the difficulties inherent in arranging care packages.

One simple solution

Live-in care is simple and yet it covers all the bases. A consistent presence in the home of your loved one means that you don’t have to think of every single need they might have every day. They are all automatically covered by having live in care support.

Carers typically stay with someone for a period of time, for example, two weeks, before swapping with another team member. The client gets used to seeing the same faces repeatedly so they build trust and rapport.

Family inclusive

You may not be able to provide your loved one with all the care that you would like but you probably still want to be involved. Live-in care allows you the flexibility to be there for your family member when your schedule allows and safe in the knowledge that they are taken care of the rest of the time.

Tailored support

Getting older shouldn’t mean that someone has to give up all their hobbies and activities. However, sporadic care or moving into a care home often means just that. It’s just not practical for a care home, for example, to meet the individual needs of all their residents. The benefits of live in care at home include having a small team of carers that can get to know their client’s schedule and needs and offer them the support to carry on with as many of their normal activities as possible.

Accessing live in care

Whatever you choose to do, Patricia White’s is here to support you. We can talk to you about different care arrangements and give you practical details that will help you make an informed decision. All you need to do is get in touch with us to start the process.

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