Positivity amidst uncertainty

The world fights an invisible enemy and daily life has changed forever, but amidst this uncertainty, our carers continue to offer a first-class service your loved ones deserve. Below is just one recent story from a happy representative...

“Gemma,  I am absolutely delighted with the service and care which my mother and I have received from Patricia White's. My mother has advanced dementia and suffers from her spine collapsing. She is therefore in great pain and utterly confused about life.

Before getting a carer, I had been commuting from London every day or every other day and doing everything for mum. This is a 3 hour round trip before doing anything. I wanted the best for mum, and rang about 9 agencies. Patricia White's was the ONLY one who called me back, listened and understand what my desires were for mum. They sent Elise who changed our lives for the better.

She is utterly delightful and caring and thoughtful and intelligent. In a month, she has radically improved mum’s life with gentle and compassionate caring. Nothing is too much trouble, she has spent a day in A&E with mum without complaining, she has coaxed mum into eating properly, has tidied her up and made the house easier with a stairlift, proper chairs, and other helpful devices.

Mum loves her, and relies on Elise for support, company and total 24 hour care. Elise has reintroduced mum to music and laughter and has an astounding amount of patience.

I have not been able to visit because of self-isolating but Elise has stepped in and made everything seem easy and breezy. She is a truly amazing woman. This week, we have had to find a two week temporary carer, and I have received enormous support from the team in order to find a good substitute.

I cannot recommend Patricia White's and Elise more positively. They are literally the best you can do for your elderly mum.”

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