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As a self-employed carer, you will be responsible for working independently and unsupervised in the client’s home.

Our clients have varying degrees of dependency and medical needs. At this time, we cannot offer companionship only roles, so you will need to have at least 6 months’ experience and the relevant training certificates. If you do not have training certificates, or your training certificates have expired, we offer a full training programme for an additional fee.

Alongside servicing a client’s care needs, you will be responsible for ensuring the client is safe, secure, comfortable and happy in their home. Part of this will entail preparing a client’s favourite, nutritious meal or carrying out household tasks around the home.

If you meet the following criteria, we would love to hear from you:

  • Do you have the right to work in the UK?

  • Do you have at least 6 months’ experience and possess up to date training certificates or be willing to pay for training?

  • Are you well-spoken, and fluent in written and spoken English?

  • Are you willing to work 2-12 weeks at a time? As this is the typical duration of our live-in assignments.

  • Are you organised, with effective communication and reporting skills?

  • Are you honest, kind, respectful, gentle in nature and above all, always prepared to go the extra mile for clients?

  • Are you happy to provide care for clients, including those with dementia? We cannot offer companionship only roles at this time.

  • Have you got sufficient stamina and are you happy working in isolation?

  • Are you physically fit and able to cope with demanding daily routines and household tasks?

  • Do you possess good cooking skills and have experience running and maintaining a home?

  • Can you carry you carry out other household duties such as opening cans and unscrewing bottle tops?

  • Do you like animals and are you happy to in a house with pets? Whilst we have pet free homes, many of our clients have pets. This is desirable but not compulsory.

  • Do you hold a valid a driving license? This is desirable but not compulsory.

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