Shane Scott

Patricia White's carer

“I worked in IT and looking back now I can see that time taught me to always make sure you know what’s coming and that you’re ready for it,” she reveals. “I eventually went into teaching IT and that was more education in responding to people’s different needs.”

Further people skills were gleaned in work as an airline crew member and in the recruitment sector before Shane became a self-employed live-in carer in 2010. She has been with Patricia White’s, an introduction agency that matches her with clients, since 2014.

She says: “I chose caring because I wanted to give something back to society. Now, I also know that it’s a very rewarding job because you can see the results pretty quickly. You soon know if you’re getting it right because there's an improvement in your client's well-being. And that is the pay-off.”

Her current assignment involves looking after a lady in her early eighties who needs a high level of care because of various health challenges. Shane admits: “I’m a bit of a workaholic, so I prefer clients who need additional care.”

Always keen to learn more, Shane has thrown herself into extra training: “If you want to be a carer, it’s not just a job, it’s a calling and you have to be prepared for anything. The more you know, the better service you can provide.”

She adds: “Most families believe, as do I, that care at home in familiar surroundings can certainly improve the quality of someone's life, even extend it. The biggest things in my approach to caring for clients are respect and dignity – providing support that allows them to maintain their individuality and remain in their own homes.”